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We offer not only GPS devices but also years of experience in GPS market and professional vehicle tracking!!!
  • Nuvi 42 still leads as the best seller, but right then we find nuvi 2467LM which comes with FREE Life Time Map Updates, Bluetooth for hands-free calling, smartphone link compatible.

  • World's top gears for improvments in biking trainning performance: Garmin GPS EDGE 510 & EDGE...

  • We offer Vehicle Tracking for business Fleet Management and privet cars supervision

The latest from Garmin

Vehicle Tracking

Since 2007 we have been offering GPS tracking solutions for business and privet vehicles. Used for company's car monitoring, car theft prevention, as well as for youngsters supervision of loved ones in case of urgent help in emergency road situations. After years of testing and investigating both hardware and software, we offer the best for our customers.

Our Vehicle Tracking is suitable for:

  • passenger vehicles (Toyota City, Yaris, Honda City, Civic, Mazda...)
  • commercial vehicles (ISUZU D-MAX, VIGO....)
  • multipurpose vehicles (FORTUNER, MU-X, CRV...)
  • lorries
  • motorcycles

The system is used for:

  • real time tracking
  • vehicle monitoring
  • vehicle recovery
  • Anti theft
  • control of driving habits (harsh driving)
  • Emergency calls (road assistant service)
  • Temperature monitoring (use for frozen food delivery trucks)

Interesting news for WBT-201/300 users.

Thalwil, Switzerland -- June 8th, 2007 -- u-blox AG, the leading Swiss provider of GPS receiver technology, announced the free provision of AssistNow? A-GPS services.

AssistNow is an off-the-shelf A-GPS service that boosts a GPS receiver?s performance, allowing it to compute a position almost instantly, even in difficult signal environments. A-GPS benefits all GPS-enabled applications, especially those that require "always-on" operability such as fleet management applications or GPS-enabled handheld devices, whose users wish to access location-based services instantly, regardless of signal conditions.

Without A-GPS, a GPS receiver needs to locate at least four satellites in direct line-of-sight and then download their location data. This process takes 30 seconds under optimal signal conditions and can take much longer in adverse conditions such as those found in urban environments or indoor locations where GPS signals are weaker. AssistNow provides the GPS receiver with the data immediately, enabling it to quickly calculate a position.

Using AssistNow Offline:
? Short Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF)
? No connectivity needed at start-up
? AlmanacPlus data valid for up to 14 days
? Global coverage
? Robust service, even under poor signal conditions
? No external CPU assistance needed at start-up
? Cost-efficient, easy to install and operate

? Personal mobility
? OEM and aftermarket vehicle navigation devices
? Mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs
? Fleet management and dispatch systems
? Personal and vehicle security solutions
? Professional products
? Personal navigation devicese with instant positioning


Taken from u-Blox.com official webpage. To read more, please visit u-Blox.com or CLICK HERE (this link will take you to the u-Blox Press & News)

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Welcome to EAGLE GPS CO., LTD.!
We offer not only GPS devices but also years of experience in GPS market and professional vehicle tracking!!!